We Stand for Quality and Value



Quality and Value
Our approach is centered on the union of quality and value. Quality captures characteristics such as durable competitive advantages, strong financial positions and trustworthy management teams that lead to higher returns on capital over the long term. We uncover value by identifying quality franchises trading at attractive prices. Historically, the combination of quality and value investing has performed well in strong markets while providing protection on the downside.

Long-Term Focus
We don’t believe in get-rich-quick strategies. Over time, companies with sound fundamentals tend to outperform those with valuations built on speculation and hype. We stick to quality and value with a long-term view to build lasting wealth for our clients.

Risk Management
Capital preservation is a core consideration in every investment decision. From bottom-up company selection to quantitative portfolio-level reviews, our objective is to maintain competitive and sustainable growth rates while minimizing downside risk.

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Investment Process

Our process is driven by bottom-up fundamentals. The result is a set of rigorously scrutinized portfolios offering concrete advantages over their benchmarks.


We invest in undervalued franchises with proven track records and attractive long-term prospects.

Fixed Income

We lend to corporations and governments with stable to improving credit trends at attractive rates of return.

Consistent Selection Criteria

Our selection criteria is the same across asset classes. We dig deep to find:

  • Resilient business models
  • Strong balance sheets
  • Durable cash flow
  • Proven and trusted leadership
  • Margins of safety

QV Pooled Funds

QV Investors is an independent asset and wealth management firm focused on principles of quality and value. As whole owners of the business, our team is fully invested in growing clients’ capital while minimizing the risk of loss.

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