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Every Friday, QV distributes a market commentary written by a member of our investment committee covering different investment themes or events that may affect our clients’ portfolios. Please click Here to sign up to receive our weekly commentaries.

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The Price of Certainty

July 19, 2019

If lower interest rates drive asset prices higher, why does the Japanese stock market trade at only 13x earnings despite the Japanese 10-year bond currently yielding -0.11%?

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The “Resilients”

July 12, 2019

By many indications we are now in the late stage of the business cycle. We cannot accurately predict when the next recession will occur, as the current cycle has defied historical average timelines.

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Q2/2019 Commentary

July 05, 2019

Global stock markets edged higher in the second quarter, following the strong rebound in Q1. While gains are welcome, markets seem to be struggling to advance meaningfully.

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