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Every Friday, QV distributes a market commentary written by a member of our investment committee covering different investment themes or events that may affect our clients’ portfolios. Please click Here to sign up to receive our weekly commentaries.

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Spreading Eggs Among Baskets

June 15, 2018

Within all of our equity strategies, QV has always limited single sector exposure to a maximum of 25%. This self-imposed sector constraint ensures an adequate level of industry diversification across our concentrated portfolios.

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Go Long (With Aligned Partners)

June 08, 2018

Focussing on the long-term is a powerful tool for investors, both from an asset allocation and security selection perspective. Long-term investors benefit from both compound interest and lower volatility through extended investment horizons.

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Sovereign Risks

June 01, 2018

Italy’s political drama escalated this week as the populist coalition of Five Star Movement and League failed to form a government. On Sunday, Italy’s president vetoed the coalition’s choice for finance minister, angering the coalition leaders and raising the possibility of new elections.

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