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Every Friday, QV distributes a market commentary written by a member of our investment committee covering different investment themes or events that may affect our clients’ portfolios. Please click Here to sign up to receive our weekly commentaries.

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A Correction in Perspective

February 09, 2018

Last week we were working on our outlook presentation for some upcoming meetings. One of the slides showed that it had been 308 trading days since the last 5% drawdown in the S&P 500.

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February 02, 2018

I met a hypothetical client, Frank, for lunch. I thought I would share some of our dialogue.

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Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s

January 26, 2018

As the old saying goes, few things in life are certain except for death and taxes. Income tax in the US was introduced by President Abraham Lincoln in 1861 to fund the American Civil War.

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